Happy 8th Birthday Beignet!!!

Life has gotten crazy and I haven’t had time to blog in quite some time! I had to post tonight to celebrate my baby’s 8th Birthday!!! As you can see, she wore herself out!! This Birthday is so special! It’s her first birthday without being spoiled by a special dog birthday cake. It’s the first birthday since 2018 brought so many health issues. It’s the first year as a pet parent I’ve had people (not vets) look me in the eye and tell me to put my dog down and basically make me feel crazy for loving this amazingly special dog. Everyday I come home and this precious girl races to greet me, my decisions are validated! I couldn’t love her more if I tried! So on Beignet’s 8th Birthday we ask that all pet parents honor their commitments and do their best to keep their furry family members healthy and happy. We will be back soon when things slow down to help continue our mission of educating diabetic pet parents!!


Devoted Doxie Mom

Author: Devoted Doxie Mom

I'm a wiener dog obsessed mom of Beignet (long haired dark red brindle) and Andouille Sausage (short hair red brindle) as well as Boudin the cat. When I'm not spending my time caring for my dachshund divas and crazy cat, I'm also a general pediatrician. My background is therefore in the care of little humans and not animals. I am not a veterinarian so am therefore not an expert on animal medical care. This blog is intended to chronicle Beignet's battle mainly with diabetes, but also chronic pancreatitis and suspected jejunal inflammatory bowel disease. We hope to help others, but you should always speak with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet's care. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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