The Power of Prayer or Pentoxifylline?

Just wanted to give a quick update. Beignet was dramatically improved yesterday. She ate breakfast, dinner and snacks throughout the day. She did not require toppers on her dog food which never happened before she got sick. I waited to post until this AM. Breakfast is always a struggle even when she’s well. The video above is her eating breakfast this AM!! I know we could still have setbacks but just 2 days ago I felt such hopelessness. Wow!! I know the prayers that her experimental treatment would help have been heard. Beignet’s beloved, Dr. Brad called it divine intervention. We can’t say enough about how much Dr. Brad has gone over and beyond for Beignet. I doubt there is any other vet anywhere that would have put the time, thought and research into a dog’s care. I doubt any other dog would have been prescribed pentoxifylline. For anyone in Northwest Louisiana needing a phenomenal vet, go see the crew at Southern Hills Animal Hospital in Shreveport. Of course we are partial to Dr. Brad Everson but everyone there from the other vets, techs and receptionists are amazing! I’m not sure Beignet would still be here without everyone on her team. Keep the prayers coming that she can continue to thrive!

~Devoted Doxie Mom

Author: Devoted Doxie Mom

I'm a wiener dog obsessed mom of Beignet (long haired dark red brindle) and Andouille Sausage (short hair red brindle) as well as Boudin the cat. When I'm not spending my time caring for my dachshund divas and crazy cat, I'm also a general pediatrician. My background is therefore in the care of little humans and not animals. I am not a veterinarian so am therefore not an expert on animal medical care. This blog is intended to chronicle Beignet's battle mainly with diabetes, but also chronic pancreatitis and suspected jejunal inflammatory bowel disease. We hope to help others, but you should always speak with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet's care. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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